Two island make up the fabulous Bay Harbor Island community which is found situated west of Surfside and north of Indian Creek. While the two islands may be addressed by the one name, there are certain distinctions that make one different from the other, and that is also made evident in the manner in which real estate properties are arranged around each of the islands.

One of the two islands is relatively larger than the other; it is where you can find a variety of real estate properties which include single-family home properties to condo properties arranged in a delectable manner that allows each option to shine and stand out on the island.

Bay Harbor Island condos are found in various sizes from low-rise to mid-rise and even high-rise condo buildings for that more enhanced resort-theme that many seem to look for in a home within the South Florida region. The island’s quickness in catching on with the popularity of waterfront condo options has allowed its condo community to grow with such successful developments that make it superb for real estate buyers as well as investors.

The smaller island, on the other hand, is where real estate buyers can find a selection that is limited to single-family Bay Harbor homes which allow for a much more exclusive order within the community. Most of the Bay Harbor homes that are found come in different styles and designs which are exquisite in their architectural value and are guaranteed to provide real estate buyers with a rich selection of home properties to choose from.

Both of the islands of the Bay Harbor Island community are connected to Miami via the Broad Causeway which runs through the center of both islands and connects them over the waterway. As a result, residents of these two islands are able to share a high degree of security while also sharing resources that are made available on both of the islands.