If you are looking for top-ranking luxury home properties within the South Florida region, you may come to find that the best of your options can be found in a small town community found in the northeastern section of Miami-Dade County called Golden Beach.

Golden Beach is a supremely upscale residential community that offers its residents with some of the finest features and amenities that anyone could possibly look for in a community. Also, the local real estate market provides people with a full range of the most fabulous luxury homes that are suited to living on a town situated on a barrier island that is right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Golden Beach homes are often huge in their stature which goes perfectly well with the nature of the town’s residents since many of them are known to be the wealthiest people to walk the face of the planet. These home properties tend to consist of five to six bedroom homes which are situated on massive plots of land to provide people with as much space as possible for their own joy and perusal.

Naturally, the most desirable of all the Golden Beach homes are the ones that are found in waterfront locations which offer the best panoramic views in all of the town area. However, people do not necessarily need to live in these waterfront Golden Beach homes in order to partake of the brilliant lifestyle quality that is granted to residents of the town itself. In fact, the exclusivity and luxury of Golden Beach is a unanimous characteristic of the area which makes it ever so pleasant no matter where your preferred home property is situated—as long as it is within Golden Beach.