Bordered by Le Jeune on the south, the Rickenbacker Causeway on the north and Biscayne Bay on the east, the neighborhood of Coconut Grove is one of the most prominent locales in Miami . Coconut Grove was a renowned bohemian village in the past but still maintained its interesting artistic expressions through the years. The neighborhood offers plenty of Coconut Grove real estate residential options including lakefront properties and condominium towers.

Even though the community had journeyed the wind of change like most of the areas in Florida , Coconut Grove still managed to retain that wacky charm it was known for in the past. One can still visit plenty of exciting and vibrant entertainment and cultural districts redolent of Coconut Grove’s colorful bohemian era. Nowadays, the neighborhood’s lovely charm is ameliorated further by the elegant Italian Renaissance structures introduced in the 20th century. There are even plenty of Coconut Grove real estate properties that carry the same Mediterranean architectural design.

But if you’re looking for a place for your business, you’ll find the community filled with plenty of Coconut Grove real estate commercial properties. Investors will certainly benefit from the year-round influx of vacationers pulled by Coconut Grove’s thrilling street fairs and festivals including the Bahamas Goombay and Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homebuyer looking for properties with immediate water access or an investor hunting for your next real estate investment because the Coconut Grove real estate market definitely have what you need. Feel free to use our listing of available properties for your search or use our services to list your own residential or commercial property.