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  • Fisher Island Homes Fisher Island Condos
  • Fisher Island Homes Fisher Island Condos
  • Fisher Island Homes Fisher Island Condos

Fisher Island

Fisher Island is an upscale residential community within the Miami region that was developed and named after the real estate developer Carl G. Fisher who found great potential in this unique barrier island situated on Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The island was once the private family winter estate property of William K. Vanderbilt who was able to successfully trade in a luxury yacht for ownership of the entire island. Now, having gone through years of legal issues and ownership debates, a lot of real estate development has taken place which has allowed for the rise of numerous infrastructures that exude a style that is distinct to that of the classic Spanish era.

One of the best features that people love the most about Fisher Island is the fact that it is superior in its exclusivity which is demonstrated by the strict security which does not easily permit the public from stepping foot on the island. In fact, Fisher Island is only accessible to its residents by car ferry, helicopter, or private boat.

Also, the first-class amenities that are offered on the island allow residents to indulge in lives that are deemed to be complete even without having to leave the premises of the island due to the fact that everything you could possible need in life is right in Fisher Island—from educational institutions to public services and many more.

With luxury as a major trademark, it is easy to imagine what illustrious real estate options await buyers on the Fisher Island real estate market. Whether you are looking for Fisher Island homes or Fisher Island condos, you are sure to be on the right track to living in the lap of real luxury by choosing to go for Fisher Island real estate today.

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